Movie, Image, and Description for poem #85

“They have not chosen me,” he said, “But I have chosen them!” Brave – Broken hearted statement – Uttered in Bethlehem! I could not have told it, But since Jesus dared – Sovereign! Know a Daisy Thy dishonor shared! Description When you go to pick a daisy or a flower, it is actually the reverse, the daisy has picked you. “You have not chosen me, but I have chosen you.” God is in the Daisy. God is in all the living creatures. You did not pick the land you live on, the land picked you, we are the guests. When you kill and torture innocent animals and land for the sole purpose of self economic gain, the broken hearts of those living creatures and their descendants will be your burden to bear.  It is time we give the land back to the land!  Let the land and wild animals prosper before we kill and destroy everything that is responsible for giving us life.

Image and Description for poem #72

Glowing is her Bonnet, Glowing is her Cheek, Glowing is her Kirtle, Yet she cannot speak Better as the Daisy From the Summer hill Vanish unrecorded Save by tearful rill – Save by loving sunrise Looking for her face. Save by feet unnumbered Pausing at the place. Description The “Glowing” “Bonnet”, “Cheek”, and “Kirtle”, is a description of this beautiful Daisy that “cannot speak” for herself, but doesn’t need to, because the rain “tearful rill”, the sun “loving sunrise”, and people “feet unnumbered”, will love and take care of her.

Image and Description for Poem #102

Great Caesar! Condescend The Daisy, to receive, Gathered by Cato’s Daughter, With your majestic leave! Description This poem is an example of the previous poem’s (#85) idea that, you did not pick the Daisy, but the Daisy (God) picked you. “Great Caeser!” is not receiving the Daisy on his grave, it is the Daisy, although “Gathered by Cato’s Daughter,” receiving condescendingly “Great Caesar!”.

Image and Description for Poem #93

Went up a year this evening! I recollect it well! Amid no bells nor bravoes The bystanders will tell! Cheerful – as to the village – Tranquil – as to repose – Chastened – as to the Chapel This humble Tourist rose! Did not talk of returning! Alluded to no time When, were the gales propitious- We might look for him! Was grateful for the Roses In life’s diverse bouquet – Talked softly of new species To pick another day; Beguiling thus the wonder The wondrous nearer drew – Hands bustled at the moorings – The crowd respectful grew – Ascended from our vision To Countenances new! A Difference – A Daisy – Is all the rest I knew! Description This poem parallels the life and characteristics of Jesus to that of a Daisy.  As Jesus died and rose again “This humble Tourist rose!”. The Daisy rose “Ascended from our vision”, and is alive with roots, “moorings” (fastened by cable or anchor) deep in the ground.  A Daisy has bloomed for all to see, “The crowd respectful grew -/ Asce